Brandon Wisnicki


iOS and Web Application Developer

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Knowledge of history is of the greatest utility for every conceivable circumstance of life.

-Diodorus Siculus

History is a fundamental learning.

Without it, we would not understand our past and where we came from. Without it, we would not be able to see the roots of the conflicts of our age. Without it, we would not have an identity to connect to strangers with. The importance of history is often understated among other academic subjects such as Math, English, and the Sciences. I know how essential it is for students to learn historical foundations, and my goal with Diodorus was to further push just that. Diodorus was originally a class project for my school. Working with my World History and European History teacher, Kara Macsuga, we designed and developed a tool to help kids be interested in learning the past. Diodorus History is a tool for “students, teachers, and learners” to create and share timelines using rich media such as video and images. I built this site around the AP Histories curriculum in order to prepare students for the AP exams themselves. These historical timelines can be presented to a classroom, studied by students, or even submitted as assignments. Visit to get started.